I conduct business under the name RW Music.

Here’s my silly LinkedIn page, if you do that sort of thing

You love music, and so do I.

I am a professional lots-of-audio-things-doer, who obsesses with creating an emotional connection and experience for the audience. I produce, design, engineer, record, and consult. Being a multi-instrumentalist helps me to serve the job best.

You should be able to have an amazing experience with every musical thing you do, and I hope my stories can help you, in part, to achieve that.

“I’ve never worked with anyone who made us sound so good and was so easy to work with.”

That came to me from the president of a collegiate a cappella group I provided sound for.  I think it’s possible for every musician to have a similarly positive experience with their audio activities.  Let’s get there together.

As of April 2, 2017, I have launched this site.  It’ll need some tweaking along the way.  I am grateful for your input on both the site and my musings.