Abusing [çå∫®ˆ¬¬ø]’s Mainstage Theatre

If you've gathered that at some point I decided to back out of doing theatre, it was this particular production experience which became the anvil to break the horse's back.  But instead I want to stay positive and write about how I utterly destroyed the intentions behind this theatre's abysmal audio system to accomplish my … Continue reading Abusing [çå∫®ˆ¬¬ø]’s Mainstage Theatre

I got a Billie award in Sound Design

Actually, it's my second.  And actually, I don't know if they're called "Billie" awards anymore (originally a nod to the Tony awards for Broadway theatre). The NYA National Youth Arts Awards (originally NYT, since it started off as theatre-only) is an awesome organization started by Rob Hopper to honor and invigorate the youth theatre artists … Continue reading I got a Billie award in Sound Design