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The “final product” of a musical recording has greatly influenced my exploration into music recording.  In my younger years, the Compact Disc was the idolized presentation of a musical experience.  Had I been born into a better decade, this fascination would have been tied up in the ever-more-artful LP.  Instead, my dad had a 4x CD burner, and the early 2000’s was thriving with… well, if the sound quality itself of a CD recording never degrades, then this musical era must have been determined to embody that particular aesthetic somehow.  I digress…

I wanted to be part of the musical experience that came finely packaged in extremely-difficult-to-remove clear plastic wrap.  I wasn’t really sure how to do that, so I chose the obvious:  I wanted to be Tom Delonge from Blink-182, and the only clear path was to rock out.  Adolescent rock star status soon ceased to be a viable option, but I was still, and even moreso, obsessed with the idea of crafting the listener’s experience.  And I still wanted to have my name on the back of a CD, as somehow being influential to that experience.

[Insert coming of age and career life story here]

I’ve been producing recordings for a long time now, and have grown so much along the way.  I have charged (or undercharged) appropriately for my lack of experience on most projects.  Though my career focus has not been on producing albums for release,  I have found myself charged with the task a few times.  And in this new realm where the physical ownership of a cohesive musical experience is no longer the chosen method for consumption, where CD liner notes and special thanks go unpublished, I am still pleased to have some of my recording work “in” the hands of the consuming public.

So here are some links to Spotify albums and EP’s I have recorded.

Squeep – Cloud 9 A Cappella

The latest release for me, and a good one.

Folk my Life – BJ Jezbera

We “bro-duced” and recorded this together in my cabin over two visits and about 5 days.  I’m playing the drums and totally sweet accordion solo (even though I don’t play accordion)

Fly – Selina Sun

This is actually the most recent release, but was mostly recorded between 2014-2017.  These are all Selina’s original songs, with my instrumental work.

Ensemble San Francisco

It would be time consuming to describe everything here, but these are some wonderful people and it was a really fun project to be part of.

Vocal Motion – Vol. 1

Performed and arranged by this UC Santa Barbara a cappella group, we make this recording using a classroom over two days.

Naked Voices, Vol. 1

In only two days we recorded individual voices for 26 hours.  We came away with about 13 hours of recorded vocals.  That’s 16 voices doubled, and each solo at least 3 times, plus VP for each track.  I was only the recording engineer on this one, the album was produced by David Fowler, a past member of the group.

This album seems to have been removed from Der Spot.

Rebecca – Take Me Far Away

This project began at Signature Sound studios, where, fittingly,  Blink 182 recorded their first couple of albums. I’ve worked with Rebecca and her kids over many years, and it was truly a pleasure to be part of this project.

Across the Sea

Rebecca’s brothers Stephen and Mark, also accomplished composers, had many beautiful melodies to be immortalized, and I’m sure they have many more.

Blog post written and produced by Robin Whitehouse.
Special thanks to my mom and dad for putting up with and having interest in my musical pursuits over the 10 years I usurped their home, and beyond.
RW Music © 2002-2019 All Rights Reserved.

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